by George Barbera

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In creating this EP record, I recorded myself singing as well as playing electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, banjo, and violin. I also employed such modern techniques as digital drum and keyboard programming, sound sampling (all samples, with the exception of the recording of Richard Nixon's voice on track 3, were recorded using my iPhone), and digital synthesizer programming. I completed the recording, mixing, mastering, and all other aspects of the production of this record on my bedroom computer using Apple's Logic X software.

Distributed to online stores by Rebellious Music Entertainment Inc.

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released August 22, 2014

Music, lyrics, and production for tracks 1, 2, and 4 by George Barbera. Music and lyrics for track 3 by Steven Wilson, and recorded and produced by George Barbera.



all rights reserved


George Barbera New York

I'm a musician, music producer, and composer. These are my solo albums.

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Track Name: Deep Earth
You hide yourself away.
You're begging me to stay.
Cause no one gets the way,
You feel so truly alone.

And there's nothing else I know,
So rough transcribed to stone,
The introverted snow,
That blankets us. Try to grow.

Something in the way our paths had strayed,
To converge on one another, that's surely strange.
Without faith in things like fate, I've no one to thank,
But I am grateful.

I sense that it will rain and I'm afraid.
Your love is stronger than a world of tardigrades.
I'm thinking that I'll run flat out for days,
My feelings know the way.
Track Name: Life is Changing
Evolve away from ignorance, please.
It's so hard becoming an adult, I know.
But it's time.

I said to religion "how dare you anthropomorphize god?"
Religion didn't understand.
It shalt not abort its profit plan.

We scar the skies each day as we pass through,
Or each time our cities breathe. The fires will take all of us.
The world we knew returns to dust.

We're still disruptive children.
Let's not get punished.
Track Name: Stars Die (Live at Tarquin's Seaweed Farm)
Lyrics by Steven Wilson

The moon shook and curled up like gentle fire.
The ocean glazed and melted wire.
Voices buzzed in spiral eyes.
Stars dived in blinding skies.

Stars die. Blinding skies.

Tree cracked and mountain cried.
Bridges broke, window sighed.
Cells grew up and rivers burst.
Sound obscured and sense reversed.

Idle mind and severed soul.
Silent nerves and begging bowl.
Shallow haze to blast a way.
Hyper sleep to end the day.
Track Name: Supercomputer
Tomorrow we'll sit by the sea.
We'll let the day pass.
There will be no need to speak.
Words only limit; the breeze is thoughtless, and free.
Whoever we are, we will not always be.
We'll pass as the day, erode into the sea,
And we'll be gone.
But we were here once, and that will always be.

Moon, rise.

My synapses conspire to create love for me to give to you.
It's just a construct of the mind, but then all we perceive is too.
It flows through the gaps, threatens to fill all forms of emptiness.
It is the ocean, and I am its earth.

Moon, rise.
Pull the tides around you.
Fall around me, in orbit, for as long as you can.

You're my illusion, and I am yours.
It doesn't have to be real to be real.